Club Resources

To assist Club Committee’s running their clubs effeciently, this section of the web site is designed to store and provide clubs the resource documents
they need to efficiently complete certain documents for their club or provide information to streamline the processes.

Affiliation Forms                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Complete these forms in full and return with affiliation fee to Canoeing Victoria before 30th June

Event License Forms                                                                                                                                                                                                             These forms are for paddlers not currently registered with an Affiliated Club or Canoeing Victoria (Non Members). To compete at any inter club a non member must complete and submit this form to club event organisers. The club must forward the form and relevant fees to Canoeing Victoria immediately after the event.

Membership Fees

Application Forms to Join Canoeing Victoria

Policy Pro Forma documents
These documents enable clubs to quickly and efficiently, download Club level documents that can be a starting point for Club specific policies.

Club Development
As part of the above Healthy Environments project, Canoeing Victoria are compiling resource documentation to asssit Club Committees in running the clubs efficiently and effectively.  We understand that Clubs and their Committee’s do not have the time or the resources to start from scratch, so this area will be the repository for hopefully useful documentation, reference articles and general information.

HE Newsletters
In conjunction with Vichealth, Canoeing Victoria run a Healthy Environments Project that focuses on such things as Sunsmart, Smokefree, Responsible Alcohol, Welcoming Environment, Injury Prevention and Club Development.  These newsletters are project updates produced on a monthly basis to promote communication to all the clubs and provide general information.

Sunsmart Trailer
A valuable resource available to all Clubs and events, the Sunsmart trailer can allow any Club or event to meet the required Canoeing Victoria Sunsmart Policy. Find out what resources are available in the trailer and how to book.