Membership Renewal 2005 / 2006

ItÕs that time of year to renew your membership. Your 04/05 season membership expires on July 31st 2005. Your club would have already contacted you during June with a reminder. July 31st has already provided a 30 day grace period for renewal before benefits of membership are lost. 

Most importantly to you:

Paddlers who are not paid up members of an affiliated club and registered with Canoeing Victoria by July 31will need to obtain an Event License at each inter club event they participate in. The event license is extra to any event entry fee charged

  • Adult Event License             – $8 per event
  • Junior Event License            – $5 per event

To encourage early registration a 10% discount applies to memberships received by Canoeing Victoria prior to September 30th 

It is important that you are pro-active in this matter.

  • contact your club regarding payment of the correct membership fees
  • complete the appropriate forms Ð forms are available on the links below or on the web site home page – About CV/membership 
  • ask for a club receipt as proof of payment and registration prior to receiving your Australian Canoeing Membership Card
  • always carry your membership card to events  

How to become a member

You have a number of options to becoming a member of Canoeing Victoria

Option 1

Join one of our affiliated clubs, membership with an affiliated club automatically makes you a Canoeing Victoria member


Option 2

For those that would like to enjoy the benefits of membership to Canoeing Victoria but are not interested in competitions. You can join Canoeing Victoria as a Recreational member.

Option 3

School Group Membership

A new membership category for School Groups is available. This is a cost effective membership available to juniors who wish to join Canoeing Victoria.

A minimum Membership Fee from the same school is necessary to apply for the membership. 
It must be applied for and authorized by an appropriate school representative.
The student group can be put in touch with an affiliated club to meet any further requirements

School Membership Fee