New Marine Safety Regulations for paddlers

New Marine Safety Regulations

Apply from now and do effect all canoe and kayak paddlers.

Some exemptions do apply for registered members of Canoeing Victoria and affiliated clubs during Formal Training and Competition  – click here for more information

Our advice to members is that PFD's and safety equipment as outlined in the regulations must be worn at all times while paddling a canoe or kayak unless you are part of formal training or competition conducted under the direction of an incorporated club or association affiliated with Canoeing Victoria or Australian Canoeing where supervision and appropriate rescue services are provided or under an approved Safety Management Plan.

Vessels operated by Life Saving Victoria (skis) have similar exemptions during Formal Training and Competiton    

Please read the regulations for application regarding specific areas of paddling interest. ie inland rivers, coastal waters 

For the complete detail on the new regulationsclick here for more information