Canoeing Victoria Annual Report and Financials available


[Click here] for Annual report and Financial accounts.

Thank you to all the delegates that were able to make it on Sunday despite a race conflict.


Sunday 5th November 2006 at 10.30am

At Fairfield Canoe Club
9 The Esplanade
Fairfield  Vic  3078

Light Lunch will be served after the meeting at 12 noon.


  1. Opening of the AGM for the year 2005/2006 
  2. Recognition of Club Delegates 
  3. Apologies 
  4. Acceptance of Minutes of the previous AGM 
  5. Presentation of the 2005/2006 Annual report 
  6. Presentation of reports from Technical Committees 
  7. Nominations for life membership 
  8. Other Business 
  9. Presentation of Vichealth 2005 Volunteer of the Year and Coach of the Year.
  10. Close of meeting

    Nominations for Volunteer of the Year award and profiles can be found on the web site at: