Melbourne Whitewater Facility is on the radar

There has been much media coverage over the last couple of days of the proposed Melbourne Whitewater Facility.

With an article in the age on Thursday, Max Parsons, Chair of the Canoeing Victoria Slalom Committee, has been busy with Radio interviews and phone calls.

This is in the wake of a very positive meeting with the Melbourne City Council where discussions are progressing with Canoeing Victoria, the Melbourne City Council and the State Government.

The time has come to support such a fantastic venue in the State of Victoria.  The injected interest in the sport as a result of such a venue would be fantastic for all aspects of Canoeing

What can you do?  Show your support by writing to your local member, the Melbourne City Council, the State Government (Hon. Justin Madden) and to the Local and State Newspapers. 

For more detail about the proposal [click here] and for details for who to write to and to find your local member [click here]