Vichealth Active Club Grants. Close 15th December

VICHEALTH – Active Club Grants

With Active Club Grants, organisations can make their sport and recreation activities safer and healthier

Research in the sport and active recreation sector has highlighted the important role equipment plays in reducing barriers to participation in physical activity, particularly by those most disadvantaged and in junior participation.

Often local sport and active recreation organisations identify a need within their community for a new team or activity, but find it difficult to buy essential equipment or fund the training required to allow the team/group to start the activity. This can sometimes be the only barrier to participation, and is sometimes a one-off cost.

VicHealth makes it easier for clubs by offering funding through Active Club Grants for sports injury prevention equipment, essential equipment, portable shade and volunteer training. 

The grants aim to:

  • encourage and increase participation opportunities in physical activity for those who are currently inactive or traditionally encounter barriers to participation by providing equipment or training; and
  • improve the safety of sporting and active recreation environments and reduce the likelihood of injury while promoting physical activity.
2006 Active Club Grants

Grants available
Up to $2500

What will be funded?

  • Sports injury prevention equipment
  • Essential equipment/items
  • Volunteer training
  • Portable shade

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