Competent Paddlers wanted to Rescue at Nationals (paid)


We are looking for competent paddlers able to perform on-water rescue over these days and will pay for your time.
We need a minimum of two paddlers on the water during the events but would prefer if four or more of you are willing
to share the role amongst yourselves Ð it would not be desirable to have someone in their boat for the entire day.

The Australian National Schools Slalom Championships and Australian National Slalom Championships are to be
held on the course on the Goulburn River, alongside OEG, this year.

The dates for the events are:
á        National Schools Ð December 31st and January 1st
á        Pre-Australian Slalom Ð January 3rd
á        Australian Nationals Ð January 5th & 6th


If you are interested please contact

Peter Grant
Event Director

: 0407 557 693