Moomba Kayak Dash and Canoe Polo Exhibition on THIS WEEKEND

The Moomba Yarra Paddle Challenge will display two different events occurring simultaneously, creating visual and varied activity/competition for Moomba spectators. These two events will best display the sport of kayaking.


Event 1        Kayak Dash. 

Participants will compete in a criterion race around marker buoys between Swan St Bridge and the Rowing Precinct, finishing in front of the crowds at the judges tower.  One complete loop represents approximately 1000metres, competitors complete as many loops as they can within 45 minutes.   All paddling craft would be entered into the one race with the slower craft beginning first in a staggered start. 

Entry Form (pdf)

(see below for course layout)

Members:               $10
Non Members        $20
Late entry            Additional $5.

Event 2

Canoe Polo Hot Shots Duel  

Canoe Polo is an exciting team event played on 30m x 20m pitches set up either in swimming pools or on flat stretches of water. During the The Moomba Paddle Challenge there will be teams of 5 paddlers. Each game will be 2 teams endeavoring to score goals against opposing team in a net suspended 2m above the water, the ball being thrown by hand, or 'flicked' with the paddle. There are collisions, capsizes and plenty of physical contact. Each game has 10 minutes halves. 

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