On-line issues clarified for Marathon Championships

Australian Marathon Canoe Championships 2007.


There have been a few issues that have confused entrants with the on-line entry system for the Marathon Championships.

If an entry has been paid for using Paypal, the entry was set to "Temp" and did not appear in the list under "View entries".  Once the paypal payment had been confirmed by the administration and set to paid or pending, it would then appear in the list.  This is a current flaw in the system and as a result, members were entering muliple times to ensure entry.
We have removed the "View Entries" option to avoid this confusion.



If you have entered the Marathon Championships successfully, you will receive a conformation email from 2007ACMC@canoevic.org.au quoting an entry number.  If you recieve this email, you will can be assured that if nothing else, your name and email has been registered for the championships.  In the event that the details of the registration are incomplete, you will be contacted to clarify any issues.

If you have paid via paypal, you should receive a confirmation email of payment from CVSALES also with a confirmation number.

If you would like to clarify these details yourself, please quote the entry number provided in the email and contact either Sharon on 0430366441, or via email or contact Jerry Dunn via email.

We apologise for any confusion the system may have inflicted and understand that the "features" of the system will be discussed and hopefully resolved with our database provider.


In addition, there are some entries that have included shirt sizes but have not nominated or paid for the quantity of T-Shirts or Polo shirts.  T-Shirts and Polo's have not been included in the entry price.  Therefore if you have only paid for an entry fee and not included the shirts as an extra, one has not been ordered for you.

If you would to confirm whether you have ordered and paid for a shirt or polo, please contact Sharon on 0430366441 or via email.


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