Rain doesn’t dampen Polo Junior Development session.

Session One

It had only rained all night and most of the early morning but that was not going to stop Session one for the 2007 Canoe Polo Junior Development Squad and Talent Identification Squad. 

The JD Squad started with familiarisation with the equipment and ensuring the helmets were secure, the jackets fitted properly and each person had a boat and paddle.  Onto the water with some basic strokes – but everyone wanting the ball to come out.  Sorry guys we have to do the basics first!  Boy, talk about keen.    Eventually the polo balls were bought out to throw around and then everyone joined into a game of tiggy.

So you have been recognised to join the Talent Identification Program. Why?  What do you want out of polo?  Where do you see yourself going in polo?  How can you improve?   These were just some of the questions put the members of the TI even before they looked at the water by their instructor Nathan Moore.  All of the members have only recently come back from Adelaide representing Victoria and Australia.  They may have been tired but they were keen to learn from Nathan.    One of the skills they worked hard was getting the nose of their boat under their opponents and then pushing.

Well done everyone on Session one.  Including those parents who were out there on the water as well.