Canoeing Victoria’s home officially opened.

Recreation House at Westerfolds Park is now a great new home for Canoeing Victoria.

After months (some might even say years) of planning, Minister Merlino officially opened the new building at Westerfolds park (Templestowe) that now houses Parks Victoria (Westerfolds Park office) and a number of Outdoor Recreation Centre members including Canoeing Victoria.
The Facilities are new and fresh and include a 70 person conference room with outdoor entertaining area and BBQ facility, storage facilities for trailers and equipment, plus comfortable airconditioned offices for the staff.
A welcome change from the View bank offices.  While some staff have expressed regret at leaving behind smell of rat bait and the fear of stepping on snakes as they alight from their car, the new offices are perfectly positioned to be accessible to the CV Caneoing Education Centre and the Yarra River. 

Along with CV Board members, discipline representatives, other ORC Members, SRV staff and Minister helpers the opening by the Minister was additionally blessed by welcome rain.  Everyone attending was quite happy to get wet to celebrate such fabulous facilities.

Thanks to the ORC (Outdoor Recreation Centre) for their tireless efforts in negotiating on behalf of their very grateful members and to SRV for facilitating and funding such a great project.

For CV's new contact details follow the link [here]