Ivanhoe Vs. Trinity Ð The Struggle for Private School Polo Supremacy

As the inaugural season of the U18 competition began to take shape this year the rivalry that would create some of the most memorable moments of the season developed between the boys of Ivanhoe Grammar and Trinity Grammar School. The make-up of the teams meant this was not only a battle of words, lead by sometimes fiery Australian U18 team captain Andrew Merrifield and a battle of skills but also a battle between two remarkably different types of kayaking. The Ivanhoe team, made up solely of Slalom paddlers lead by Australian U18 Polo Player Matt Greaves were up against a Trinity team composed almost entirely of flat water kayakers. The two teams were scheduled to play each other for the first time in Round 3. As rounds 1 and 2 passed both teams eagerly watched each otherÕs performances and talked up their chances as the build-up to the game grew.


Round 3 arrived with Ivanhoe slightly ahead on the ladder on percentage. Trinity arrived with a veritable entourage of supporters all keen to see how the much anticipated game would play out. The game was tough but even and included the interesting sight of Andrew Merrifield attempting, and succeeding to maintain possession of the ball for around 20 seconds with no use of his paddle whatsoever. The even nature of the game continued right up to the final whistle with the teams being deadlocked at a draw. While it was the correct outcome for such a fair game neither team felt satisfied, but the arrangement of the ladder and the fixture resulted in the two teams facing each other again the very next week in the Semi-Finals. With several Trinity players absent from the game Ivanhoe paddled out convincing victors and moved onto the Grand Final against the non-school associated team Romper in which they were defeated to finish second overall.


Although Ivanhoe came out the better from the season, the boys from Trinity still have the desire to defeat Ivanhoe so I am sure that if both Schools enter teams into the up coming season we will see many more great battles between these two confident and competent rivals.