Slalom Committee to co-opt new members


The newly formed VSTC are seeking the services of interested parties to be co-opted to the Committee. 

There are two positions in relation to advising the Committee.

  1. Paddlers Representative

  1. Parents Representative

The RepÕs. will be responsible for providing a conduit for any matters of concern, support, advice and/or service for the respective area directly to the VSTC. They will be able to present matters directly to the Committee either by attending meetings and/or providing a written report in relation to the matter/s requiring attention or decision. 

The RepÕs. would also supply feedback from the Committee directly into the respective groups they represent.

It may not be necessary for the RepÕs. to attend each meeting of the VSTC. 

Applicants should be well known and respected amongst the Slalom community such that anyone with an issue (either positive or negative) will feel entirely comfortable in their approach to the relevant Rep. to ensure that the matter/s are fully considered and accurately translated to a VSTC forum. The VSTC would encourage newer parents, as well as the more experienced, and all (both junior and senior) paddlers to seriously consider the above positions. It is a great way to put back into the Sport as well as become comfortable and familiar with all within the Sport.

It is the strong intention of the VSTC to be fully transparent in its deliberations, actions and decisions. Once fully established, all decisions and minutes of meetings will be posted on the Slalom Website. The VSTC support the concept of Transparency equals Solidarity. 

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is OCTOBER 26, 2008.

Please forward your EOIÕs to:      Max Parsons

                                                Chair, VSTC

                                                P. O. Box 932, ELTHAM, Vic., 3095

                                                Or by email to: 

                                                Or by mobile:     0412 388 274

Submissions need not be detailed but enough to provide the VSTC with sufficient information to fairly assess the Applicant. Submissions may be verbal if there is no opportunity to provide written information.