Canoe Polo Autumn Competition Entries close 18 Jan

Dear All,

Welcome to canoe polo in Autumn 2007.  As with last season there are a few items that are being addressed to improve the standard and safety of Canoe Polo in Victoria:

  • Please note the entry closing date of 18/01/2008, entries received before this date will receive a discounted entry of $675. Any entries received after this date will pay the rate of $700. Please submit full team entries by the due date as a lot of time is need to grade teams and compile a draw.
  • All team entry forms (See below for link) must be accompanied by full payment and will not be excepted if payment is not received with the entry form. If payment is submitted electronically please write the team name in the description field of the funds transfer.
  • Entry forms will not be accepted with out a minimum of five players with full details and all players must be registered members of Australian Canoeing. Any team with non AC members will not be able to play and forfeit all premiership points.
  • Check online at Vic Canoe Polo regularly for updates and the draw as it is the responsibility of the team contact to check the draw online and notify team mates. TEAMS WILL NOT BE INDIVIDUALY CONTACTED.
  • All grades must have covered shoulders (eg. rash vest or t-shirt) whilst playing, this is to increase safety and is part of the ICF Canoe Polo rules that is being strictly enforced.
  • We are as usual looking for volunteers to help organise the Melbourne Canoe Polo Competition and any assistance you can provide is appreciated and remember the more volunteers we have the less work there is for everyone.
  • 2008 Polo Seasons are: Autumn – Mon 4th Feb to Wed 21st May and Finals Sat 31st May. And Spring Mon 28th July to Wed 29th Oct and Finals Sat 8th Nov.

    Please remember that this is your sport run by you and we are always looking for more volunteers, the more we have the less work for each.

    Drew O'Shannassy
    Melbourne Competition Director
    Melbourne Competition Working Group

    Entry Form