Sport and Recreation Awards – nominations close 22nd August

2008 Sport and Recreation Awards

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Sport and Recreation Award nominations are simple to complete and provide an opportunity for the unsung sporting heroes in your community to be rewarded. $50,000 in cash prizes will be awarded across ten categories. Submit your Award nomination today! Nominations close Friday 22 August.

Message from the Minister

"The Sport and Recreation Awards were launched 12 years ago to recognise the commitment made by individuals, groups and organisations to the sport and recreation industry. Not only do the awards recognise outstanding individuals such as the year's most successful players, coaches and organisers, they are also an opportunity to acknowledge the unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes to support the sport and recreation industry everyday.

"The Victorian Government is committed to getting people healthy and active through the ÔGo for your lifeÕ initiative. People who have helped create ways for others to participate in sport and active recreation are committed not only to sports, but also to the health and vitality of their communities. An Award nomination is a fitting way to recognise this dedication. I encourage everyone to nominate those who have made a difference through their involvement in sport and recreation.

"Prizes valued at $50,000 will be awarded across ten categories so prepare your nomination today and submit it by Friday 22 August 2008. I wish everyone who makes a nomination the best of luck!"

– James Merlino MP
Minister for Sport, Recreation and Youth Affairs

Award categories

1. AmateurÕs Achievement Award Ð recognising an outstanding achievement by an amateur sporting club or team.

2. 'Go for your life' Community Participation Award Ð recognises initiatives that encourage people to 'Go for your life'. It is aimed at programs and activities that increase opportunities for participation in sport and active recreation by the wider community or a particular target group.

3. Sport and Recreation Education Award Ð for outstanding achievement in sport and recreation education initiatives in both traditional and non-traditional educational settings.

4. Community Event Award Ð for outstanding development and management of an event that has been of direct benefit to the local or wider community.

5. Sport and Recreation Research Award Ð for significant research of value to the industry.

6. Young Person in Sport Award Ð for outstanding contribution by a young person to the industry as a whole or a specific sector.

7. Community Facility Design Award Ð recognises new or refurbished sport and recreation facilities with a focus on excellence in planning and design and a demonstrated impact on participation.

8. Club and Organisational Management Award Ð recognises innovative and effective management practices, strategic planning and inclusive participation management.

9. Volunteer Involvement Award Ð recognises the contribution made by a volunteer to the industry as a whole or to a specific industry sector.

10. MinisterÕs Award for Lifetime Achievement Ð recognises outstanding achievements or contributions by a person, organisation or partnership in any field related to sport and recreation in Victoria.

Who can nominate?

The Sport and Recreation Awards are open to private, public or community sector organisations or individuals based or operating in Victoria. Nominees should be involved with or contribute to sport and recreation in Victoria.

Nominations will be accepted from organisations or individuals contributing to or involved with the sport, fitness, outdoor and community recreation sectors. Nominators may nominate their own organisation, themselves or a third party known to them.

How to nominate

1. Select an Award category and download the Nomination template below (PDF version is preferable). If you would like a hard copy please email
2. Complete the Nomination form (page 1) with your contact details and the details of two independent referees for the nominee.
3. Address all four award criteria (pages 2-5). Refer to individual categories for specific information. Note: only one page per criteria is allowed.
4. Supporting information integral to your nomination is to be emailed or posted together with the nomination template.
5. Completed nominations can be submitted in any of the following ways:

Email (preferred):
Fax: (03) 9208 3517
Post: Sport and Recreation Awards
Level 14, 1 Spring Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

6. Nominations must be received by close of business Friday 22 August 2008 to be eligible.

Note: You may submit more than one nomination. A seperate nomination form and addressed criteria is required for each nomination.

Nomination templates

1. Amateur's Achievement Award (PDF 808 kb) or (Word 60 kb)
2. 'Go for your life' Community Participation Award (PDF 807 kb) or (Word 61 kb)
3. Sport and Recreation Education Award (PDF 805 kb) or (Word 61 kb)
4. Community Event Award (PDF 805 kb) or (Word 61 kb)
5. Sport and Recreation Research Award (PDF 805 kb) or (Word 62 kb)
6. Young Person in Sport Award (PDF 493 kb) or (Word 61 kb)
7. Community Facility Design Award (PDF 809 kb) or (Word 63 kb)
8. Club and Organisational Development Award (PDF 807 kb) or (Word 63 kb)
9. Volunteer Involvement Award (PDF 805 kb) or (Word 62 kb)
10. Minister's Award for Lifetime Achievement (PDF 805 kb) or (Word 61 kb)

Take a look at the Example nomination (PDF 631 kb) or (Word 72 kb).

Key dates

Nominations close: Friday 22 August
Assessments: September
Presentation night: Monday 6 October

For further information contact Awards Coordinator Shannon Stacey on (03) 9208 3442 or email

Review the 2007 Sport and Recreation Award Winners and Finalists (PDF 448 kb) or (Word 157 kb).