Red Cross Murray Marathon Update

Update to members regarding the Red Cross Murray Marathon.

After 40 years, this will be the last year that the Red Cross will be involved in the Murray Marathon.  The Marathon orginated as a fundraising event for the red cross by a group of canoeists (excuse me if I don't get the details exactly right).  This group went on to form the organising committee for the event - supported, endorsed and assisted by the Red Cross administration.
This organising committee still exists today and are still keen to keep the murray marathon event on the calendar and in its current format for future years.  They are working towards finding a new benefactor for the event and are in discussions with some interested parties.
Canoeing Victoria and Australian Canoeing have also spoken to the organising Committee regarding our future involvement, but at this stage, have not been invited to be part of the event in the short term.
Should the organising Committee not be successful in securing a new major supporter, Australian Canoeing and Canoeing Victoria will be investigating alternative ultra marathon events to provide the opportunity for the Caneoing Community to participate.
Sharon Swoboda
Co-Executive Officer
Canoeing Victoria