2008 Slalom Vic Champs

Victorian Canoe Slalom

The 40th Victorian Canoe Slalom chamionships will be held at Blue Gums on the Goulburn River at Eildon on the weekend on November  29th and 30th 2008.

The Eildon site has been the most popular slalom site in Australia for many years and continues to attract the largest event entries of any site used in Australia.


An unprecedented water release last February changed some of the river features, but the site is still in major demand and use. Some paddlers say it actually improved the white water course,
The course is to be used again for this year's Victorian chamionships which will be as good as ever on this slightly modified course, but then next year we will be upgrading and modifying the course in preparation for the 2009-2010 season, with the possibility of holding the 2010 Australian slalom Championships back on this very popular course

We would like to remind paddlers AND THEIR PARENTS that this weekend will also be the date for local Council elections for many Victorian Councils and, for those councils not adopting postal voting as a default mode, you may wish to organise a postal vote prior to coming up to Eildon.


Roy Farrance

Chairman Victorian Slalom Technical Committee.