Presidents Report Jan 09


20th JANUARY, 2009.



Welcome back to what will become as always, an exciting year!  Firstly, a happy and prosperous New Year to all our kayaking fraternity!  I hope you and your families all remain fit and well and trust that you will all have a successful and happy 2009.

The premium event of the kayaking calender (the Murray Marathon, MM) is now but an exhausting memory. The recent event was the last that the Red Cross will have any association with and we look forward to working with the Race Committee and the YMCA in future years. The Footscray MM Ôwarm-up classic Ð in which I competed in a TK2 Ð was a very trying event; strong winds and rough water but for all that was a great event and our thanks to the Footscray Club for yet again staging the event.


On behalf of the participants and supporters of this and earlier Murray Marathons I, on behalf of all, extend our heart-felt thanks to the many, many volunteers who made this and all past events not only possible but such resounding successes Ð thank you all!


Once again our CV Board Chairman was in the forefront of the volunteers; acting as the race official plus Ð as if that role by itself was not sufficient – working in extremely, extremely dusty conditions at many checkpoints directing traffic and offering support. Tom, we would be remiss if we didnÕt record our special thanks for your selfless efforts contributing to the success of the event.


On matters more directly associated with CV, our finances are in reasonable shape, we have dedicated Discipline Committees which are in turn supported by willing volunteers and we have a wonderful and hardworking administrative staff.


With all that in place we should be able to maintain our budgetary position for the year and achieve our stated objectives; balance our budget, continue to pay the AC debt covering their past losses, delivery of various courses (please refer to the relevant section and calender of the CV website to discover the many valuable courses and events that CV will be delivering over 2009), providing assistance with the Australian Masters Games later in February, delivery of many specialist programs; school safety eduction programs and, together with the Victorian Police, involvement with indigenous communities.


CV offer many specialist courses in addition to lobbying government on behalf of the sport in general and on behalf of clubs on club-specific issues.


2009 promises to be yet another busy and productive year!


Finally a warm welcome to the members of the CV Board and I look forward, yet again, to working with you over the coming year.



Gary Flanigan.

President of Canoeing Victoria Inc.