Victoria has a great 2009 Marathon Champs in Queensland.

With 13 first places, 19 second places and 15 third places, plus winning the Interstate Trophy, the Board of Works Trophy and the Frank Whitebrook Trophy, Victorian Marathon paddlers can stand proud with their achievements.
In addition to the great paddling performances, the following Victorian Paddlers were named Marathon Paddler of the year:
Nicholas Bryne (Junior Male Paddler)
Amy Peters (Junior Female Paddler)
Camereon McGill (Veteran Male Paddler)
Lisa Newton (Veteran Female Paddler)
Congratulations to them on their personal achievements throughout the year.
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Summary of Victorian Placings:

Cameron McGill 1st Vet 35 MK1 Patterson Lakes
Andrew Bray 2nd Vet 35 MK1 Patterson Lakes
Matthew Coulter 1st Vet 45 MK1 Mitta Mitta
Rob Russell 2nd Vet 50 MK1 Ivanhoe Northcote
Colin Brown 3rd Vet 50 MK1 Geelong
Terry Pool 2nd Vet 55 MK1 Geelong
Lisa Newton 2nd Vet 45 WK1 Fairfield
Deb Sutherland 3rd Vet 55 WK1 Fairfield
Tom Kennan 2nd Open Men TK1 Ivanhoe-Northcote
Robyn Ward 2nd Open WTK1 Fairfield
Peter Brown 3rd Vet 60 MK1 Patterson Lakes
Marg Buck 1st Vet 60 WTK1 Fairfield
Tony McElroy 1st Vet 60 MTK1 Geelong
Jonathon OÕLeary/ 3rd U16 Boys K2 Fairfield
Will Hallyburton
Nat Salih / 2nd U16 Girls K2 Ivanhoe Ð Northcote/
Ali Szlawski Fairfield
Melanie Pitzer / 3rd U16 Girls K2 Sherbrooke Knox
Perri Lelievre
Tegan Fraser 1st Open Women k1 Bendigo
Sophie Mebalds 2nd Open Women K1 Sherbrooke Knox
Catherine McArthur 2nd U18 Women K1 Ivanhoe-Northcote
Marlena Ahrens 3rd U18 Womens K1 Fairfield
Michael Leverett 1st Open Men k1 Mitta Mitta
Trevor Murray 2nd Open Men k1 GECKO
David Cole 3rd Open Men K1 Ivanhoe-Northcote
Reid Coutts 1st U18 Men K1 Patterson Lakes
Travis Dodd 2nd U18 Men k1 Sherbrook Knox
David Ceddia 3rd U18 Men K1 Patterson Lakes
Andrew Bray /  1st Vet 35 K2 Patterson Lakes
Cameron McGill