Clear sky’s start the DR Season

Down River racing Yarra Series 1 Race Results

Next race – Griffiths Park 14th June (Down load your full discipline race calendar here)

Class Place Name Time
U12 K1 1st Ashley Hobbs 25:30:03
U13 K1 1st Tim McMullin-Condo 26:36:68
U16 K1 1st


Kate Ashton

U16 K1 2nd Alex Prentice 24:26:93
U16 C1 1st Maggie Webster 26:04:21
U18 K1 1st Chris Peterson 18:37:59
U22 K1 W 1st Marta Ivkov 24:24:06
U22 K1 M 1st Scott Guinea 15:33:46
Open M K1 1st Leigh Newberry 15:13:81
Open M K1 2nd Chris Guinea 15:53:46
Mst K1 1st Milan Ivkov 25:02:18
Vets K1 1st Chris Wharton 16:18:75
Vets K1 2nd Peter Pritchard 16:53:78

Fastest time for the day:  Leigh Newberry (padding Tk1)

Fastest Time in a DR boat:  Scott Guinea

Canoeing Victoria will presenting an award at the end of the Downriver season to the paddler that participates in the most DR Races for the year.

1 point for the metro series, 2 points for the Country series.

As the rivers levels are not predicatable at present, the country series will be run at short notice when the conditions are favourable.  Email, web and sms notification will be used to inform the paddling community when the races will be held.  Any queries, please contact the CV office – 88464120.