Melbourne Whitewater Stadium

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  • Click on the link above, then click on "Register your interest".
  • In the comments box at the bottom, mention that you would like to see a whitewater facility included in the plans.
  • Perhaps also mention why it would be great to have a whitewater facility and also how good it would be for the community to have such a facility, in attracting people to the area to use/view the facility and for major events.

Please pass this on to anyone else who may be interested in helping.



Max Parsons recently had a meeting with Vic Urban in relation to a new Residential Neighbourhood that will be created in Maribyrnong (Victoria) on the site of a now disused Federal Explosives site.
This new neighbourhood will be cleaned and subsequently developed over an approximate 10 year period. Vic Urban have been appointed as the Body that will design and develop this site. As part of their initial and most important process, a Master Plan will be developed to control the development, community, facility and open space components. This process will take place over the rest of this year and run concurrently with the Federal Governments site remediation programme.
This presents a fantastic opportunity, to get in on the ground floor, the proposal for a whitewater stadium and its incorporation into the Master Plan. It is the lack of an early entry point in the respective processes that has presented problems with other proposals which, ultimately, led to the proposals not being adopted or incorporated.
At the meeting with Vic Urban Max submitted a Concept Plan for a Whitewater Stadium that demonstrates, not only could a facility fit the site, but also that it could deliver very significant benefits for all the stakeholders, Government, Community and Sports based alike.
The process of the development of a Master Plan will commence in the very near future. It is vital that the opportunity is seized to demonstrate to Vic Urban that there is a high level of interest in seeing a whitewater stadium included into the Master Plan.
If we are able to be included into the Master Plan it will enable the progression of the proposal onto the next phase of a full Business Case Study. It will allow the Study to be site specific and give us, as a sporting group and family, the ability to really concentrate on its ground proofing and subsequent delivery.
To that end I would request that this email and/or the attached release be placed onto the AC website, CSAus wiki, as well as the Canoeing Victoria website, with a message urging the registration of interest from ALL National / State SO’s, Clubs, athletes, officials, parents, friends, adrenalin junkies, or anyone else that may have even a remote interest, including commercial or private, in seeing a whitewater stadium in this development.
The link to the Vic Urban website is on the attached release.
If/when we are able to gain a little momentum I will release the Concept Plan to enable further ongoing focus and discussion.
If anyone requires any additional information or wishes to discuss any aspects of the above please give me a call anytime.
Kind Regards,
Max Parsons
M 0412 388 274