Nominations for Sprint Certified Training Centres

Canoeing Victoria is calling for nominations from clubs seeking certification as Sprint Certified Training Centres and Sprint High Performance Training Centres.

Our strategy to establish a Victorian pathway for sprint athletes and coaches includes the creation of Canoeing Victoria Sprint Certified Training Centres (CTCs) and Sprint High Performance Training Centres (HPTCs).  This pathway addresses development from grassroots participation through to high performance.

The benefits of becoming a 2009/10 certified club include:

  • use of the Canoeing Victoria certification logo on promotional material.
  • priority access to Canoeing Victoria sprint equipment, e.g. K4s, K2s, uncle toby’s fleet of TK1s & K1s.
  • a club developed sprint coaching progam to attract new and benefit existing members.
  • delivery of AC Level 1 coaching courses at your club (minimum 6 participants).
  • no course fees for club volunteers seeking accreditation as Level 1 sprint officials.
  • promotion of your club’s certification on the Canoeing Victoria website.
  • preference will be given to CTCs & HPTCs when selecting host clubs for sprint regattas.
  • preference will be given to HPTCs when selecting clubs to implement Talent Development Programs.
  • subsidised powerboat handler training for club volunteers (limited places).
  • potential drawcard for sponsorship.

A Sprint Certified Training Centre must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • AC accredited sprint coaches (minimum Level 1) running coaching sessions.
  • Adherence to AC recommended coaching ratios.
  • Published calendar of regular coaching sessions (12 month ahead).
  • Published coaching fees (if applicable) understood by participants.
  • Appropriate & safe equipment for sprint racing or a scrutineering process if participant provided.
  • Defined and implemented plans & procedures for:
    • risk assessment and management.
    • incident & emergency management including reporting.
    • checking AC membership or event licence completion.
  • Club represented at 50% of state sprint regattas* and sprint championships.
  • From 2010, one accredited sprint official provided at 50% of sprint regattas* and sprint championships.

*Clubs more than 100km from regatta location may apply for exemption.

A certified Sprint High Performance Training Centre must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • All requirements for a Certified Training Centre.
  • AC accredited Level 2 Sprint coach supervising coaching and training programs.
  • A mentoring process in place for trainee and Level 1 coaches.

Both CTCs and HPTCs must provide access to the following minimum facilities appropriate to training activities:

  • Toilets
  • Change area
  • Dry, sheltered area for emergency situations and meetings.
  • Emergency communications.
  • First aid kit.
  • Rescue equipment.
  • Safe access to and from water.
  • Access to dry food, warm drinks, clean drinking water, e.g. kitchen or camp facilities.
  • Adequate outside lighting for safe access to & from training/meeting venue (if at night).
  • Ample legal parking including trailer parking if necessary.

Initial applications for 2009/2010 close on 30 August 2009.  Applications are then renewed annually with club affiliation. 
There is no fee for certification.

To apply for certification or for more information, please email Andrea