WARNING – Yarra River level set to rise on Friday 11th Sept.

WARNING – River levels to rise significantly for a short period on the Yarra River – Friday 11th Sept.

Due to the recent rainfall in the catchment area, a significant amount of water is being allowed down the Yarra River to assist with the spawning of a local fish.  This is going to result in a signficant rise in River level over the next day or two.

At Yarra Glen, the river has risen by 1m over a period of 12 hours.  Normally, Melbourne Water would "harvest:" this water for the Melbourne drinking supply, but apparently, every 2 years, should there be an event such as this, the water is allowed to flow downstream to assist the fish spawning cycle.  Due to the drought, this type of event has not occured for many years.

Paddlers are advised to take precautionary measures should they need to be on the water during this time, and coaches/instructors should also observe caution with beginner paddlers.

To check on the river levels, please refer to the Melbourne Water Web site:  http://www.melbournewater.com.au/content/rivers_and_creeks/rainfall_and_river_level_data/subcatchment.asp?SubCatchmentID=20

Sharon Swoboda   πŸ™‚