VicSuper Murray Marathon – Outrigger Canoes? Sound interesting – read on……


This year the VicSuper YMCA will introduce the OC Challenge (Outrigger Canoe).   This will be similar to the K4 Challenge that exists now where the group gets together and trains under the supervision of a coach.  Teams are then established and entered in the VicSuper Murray Marathon OC Challenge – and affectivly compete against each other.  It is a fantastic way for individuals to participate in a team based entry in the Outriggers which they otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to..  Inland Outriggers are extending an invitation to any paddler wishing to participate will join the group that will make up the OC Challenge.  Boats and coaching will be provided.

The VicSuper Murray Marathon is a 5 day, 404 km endurance race that starts in Yarrawonga on the 27th December each year and finishes at Swan Hill on the 31st December – ready for a great new years eve party.  It is the most amazing event that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life – but usually finds that it becomes a yearly challenge.

Inland Outrigger Canoe Club has a lightweight Mirage and will also take Possession of a new lightweight Tiger ROC for the event this year.   Both these state of the art canoes will be used by the teams.

For those that would like to enter their own team but need a craft, please contact Inland Outrigger Canoe Club for details about availalble boats.

If you want to join in please send contact Clarkie via email, with your name, address, email address and phone number.   These details will be entered on the YMCA site and you will receive instructions via email to pay your registration and complete your personal detail sheet.