New Strategic Overview for Canoeing Victoria

Canoeing Victoria – Strategic Overview

Our Mission

To serve the members of Canoeing Victoria by promoting and providing a range of opportunities to paddle safely for enjoyment, personal achievement and improved quality of life.

Canoeing Victoria – 10 Year Vision – 2021

By 2021 Canoeing Victoria would like to be:
•       Be valued by its members
•       Enjoy high visibility
•       Have the highest paddling participation rate in Australia
•       Have a flourishing junior membership
•       Have a reputation for running professionally events
•       Be a leader in education and training
•       Operate Discipline-based Centres of Excellence
•       Provide the largest percentage of Australian and International competitors from Victoria across all disciplines
•       Be a leader in membership growth
•       Be respected and authoritative
•       Have strong, effective management with financial autonomy
•       Have international standard discipline facilities for all.
•       Have strong, viable and welcoming Clubs that provide diverse paddling opportunities

3 year Strategic Goals – 2011-2014

  1. Identify, implement and support each member to achieve their personal goals.
  2. Gain government support for a multi discipline paddling facility
  3. Increase & Broaden Membership
  4. Raise CV and Canoeing Profile
  5. Focus, develop and support Junior Participation & Pathways
  6. Achieve Financial Autonomy

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