Whitewater Skills Course Goulburn River, 23 & 24 Feb 2013

Looking to improve your whitewater skills?

Canoeing Victoria will be conducted a whitewater skills course on the Goulburn River near Eildon in February 2013.

The course will be conducted over 2 days at $340 per person and will include the following:

  • Enter and exit their kayak or canoe from an eddy
  • Use efficient basic strokes to control the kayak or canoe
  • Use efficient power strokes:
    • forward strokes
    • reverse strokes
  • Use efficient directional strokes:
    • forward sweeps
    • reverse sweeps
    • bow draw
    • draw strokes
    • stern rudder
  • Use efficient support strokes:
    • low support (to gunwales in open canoe)
  • Ferry glide
    • forwards
    • reverse
  • Mixed strokes
    • bow draw to forward stroke combination
  • Break into eddies out of the current
  • Break out of eddies into the current
  • Use the most appropriate combinations of strokes when negotiating a rapid or performing a manouver
  • Edge the craft to maintain stability
  • Use edging and body position to control kayak or canoe
  • Use water features for advantage to assist in turning and crossing currents
  • Read water to determine a safe route through a rapid
  • Follow a pre-determined route through a rapid
  • Identify and evaluate options, then implement appropriate actions, in unplanned situations
  • Use avoidance techniques for any river hazards
  • Roll, e.g. C to C or sweep technique (not required for open canoes).

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