Marathon Winter Series Announcement

The first race of the Victorian Canoe Marathon 2015 Winter Series starts on Sunday, 3rd May at Patterson Lakes. As a reminder we are trialing some changes to the Winter Series to attract more paddlers and to continue to raise the level of competition.

The main change is that paddlers can choose their own race distance, rather than being required to paddle a distance based on their divisional ranking.  Most races will offer three or four distances, with some offering the standard five distances (8 km, 12 km, 15/16 km, 20 km and 24/25 km).

In addition, where conditions permit, races will be run over longer lap lengths.

Depending upon paddler numbers we may continue to have multiple starts for some distances.  This is effectively what we have done in previous years, e.g. with separate starts for Divisions 7, 8 and 9, all doing 8 km.  In general we will aim for larger starts for the longer distances and smaller starts for the shorter distances.

With the change in paddlers choosing their own race distance the method for awarding club and school points will change.  Points will still be based on the handicap adjusted speed as in the past couple of years.  However, this year club and school points for each race will be based on the top six results for each club and school, rather than only the top result in each division.  We think this will be as fair as the previous system for minimizing the effect of club size.  All paddlers who finish each race will still earn one participation point as before, which should incentivize clubs to field as many paddlers as possible.  We shall still have designated singles and doubles events.

Finally, we are trying some new venues (e.g. the Yarra at Fairfield) and visiting some venues we haven’t been to for a few years (such as Warrnambool), while also trialling different types of races (e.g. teams events) to provide variety.

We look forward to your participation and hope that you can bring new paddlers with you to the events.

Canoeing Victoria Marathon Committee