Australian Canoe Marathon Championships Wrap Up

Fifty one Victorian paddlers competed in ninety events at the 2017 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships in Penrith over the weekend

Thank you to all who participated, either as competitors, volunteers, paddler support and spectators.  Thank you also to those who helped get their paddlers there, through months or years of driving them to training and races and keeping them fed, watered and motivated.

There were examples of exceptional racing over the weekend, with much of it captured in photos and videos and available on Facebook.  Thank you to those who recorded the efforts of our paddlers out on the water.

Whilst the primary aim is to participate in great racing it is worth noting that our paddlers won 20 gold, 14 silver and 18 bronze medals.  Some of the classes involved very tough competition, while others paddlers had smaller fields.  Regardless, we acknowledge the time, effort and commitment of all those who made the journey to Sydney to participate in the event.

In terms of state awards Victoria won the “International Class Trophy” and “Halford Challenge Trophy”.

For those who are not familiar the trophies contested at the Marathon Championships, these include:

  1. The Frank Whitebook Trophy, presented by the Queensland Canoe Federation in recognition of the contribution to Australian Canoeing of Dr. Frank Whitebrook, and awarded based on the best result over all classes (whether constituted or not).  This trophy was first awarded in 1984.
  2. The International Class Trophy, formerly the Board of Works Trophy, which is awarded based on the best result over international classes (K1, K2, C1, C2).  This trophy was first awarded in 1985.
  3. The Touring Class Trophy, formerly the Victorian Amateur Canoe Association trophy, which is based on the best result over touring class boats.  This trophy was first awarded in 1988.
  4. The Halford Challenge Trophy, formerly the Interstate Challenge Trophy, which was renamed in 2013 in recognition of Graham Halford’s contribution to Australian Canoeing, which is awarded based on the best result from international classes in Open, Master 35+, Under 23 and Under 18 age groups.  This trophy was first awarded in 1998.
  5. The Coulthart Trophy, which was originally presented by the Coulthart family in 1991 to Intermediate Juniors who displayed the most potential, and which is awarded to the best performing Under 16 female and Under 16 male at the championships.

Those paddlers selected to represent Australia and the 2017 ICF Marathon World Championships in South Africa later this year will be announced once the selection process has concluded.


Canoeing Victoria Marathon Committee