Slalom Technical Committee – Committee Members


The Victorian Slalom Technical Committee is bound by the Canoe Victoria (CV) Constitution in regards to the ongoing appointment of committee positions under CV’s power of delegation.

The following appointments have been reviewed and ratified by Canoeing Victoria board members at a meeting held in April, 2017:

Chairman: Russell Bassett
Treasurer/Secretary: Karen Shamieh
General Committee:

  • Dean Tonkin  – Logistics and Asset Administrator (Equipment and Resources)
  • Lyne Strmecki – Marketing, Sponsorship & Race Compiling
  • Laura Montalto – Marketing, Sponsorship & Race Compiling
  • Samantha Galea – Canoes Plus Racing Team representative, Sponsorship and Grants Coordination
  • Warwick Draper – Melbourne Canoe Club and Athletes representative



It must be noted that Victoria will be hosting the 2018 Slalom Nationals and a key role of the Slalom Committee will be organising this event.

Best regards

Russell Bassett

Chairman – Slalom Technical Committee