Canoeing Victoria Statement Post Nagambie Race

Canoeing Victoria   Marathon Winter Series Race 5 Nagambie 6th August 2017
Canoeing Victoria’s Executive Officer and Board are responsible for appointing and directing the technical committees that run competitions in Victoria.
Canoeing Victoria with the Marathon Committee has identified and reviewed the shortcomings at the WS5 race at Nagambie. CV appreciates the input received from the paddling community.
CV acknowledges the course was not properly set up before the start of the race and this caused confusion, and resulting in some paddlers being on the water longer than anticipated.
CV thanks the paddlers who abandoned their racing and enacted peer support, guiding paddlers who were off the course and ensuring all returned safely.
As a result of the review a number of areas have been identified for both immediate and long term improvement.  These include:
Briefings will be scripted and concise, course maps will be available on the day.
In the event of cold or adverse conditions a short loop course will be set up for the younger and inexperienced paddlers.
Races will not commence until positive confirmation has been received that the course is correct and all volunteers are in position
GPS tracking will be used to confirm the position of the boat(s) setting the course and this may be extended to confirm the location of the turning buoys as well.
The Marathon race procedures and checklists will be updated to incorporate the feedback provided by the paddling community and the findings of the review of the Nagambie race.
The Marathon Committee will shortly seek nominations to form a larger pool of volunteers who will be trained in advance of the racing season for specific positions.  In addition, the Marathon Committee will seek nominations for specific roles to support the Committee in organizing and delivering marathon events in Victoria.
As a gesture of goodwill the Marathon Committee will offer free registration to the Winter Series 6 race at Geelong for all paddlers that participated at the Nagambie event.
Canoeing Victoria thanks the many people that passionately support Marathon racing and look forward to your ongoing participation.  We thank you for your input and remind all members of the paddling community, including competitors, spectators, officials, supporters and parents, of the importance of adhering to the Australian Canoeing Code of Conduct in your interactions with your fellow paddling community members.

Mark Heggie     Paul Grant
Executive Officer    Chairman, Canoeing Victoria