Australian Marathon Championships and ICF Marathon rule changes

Dear paddlers,
Australian Marathon Championships

The dates for the 2019 and 2020 Australian Marathon Championships are as follows:

  • 17 to 19 May 2019 – 2019 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, Perth, WA
  • 17 to 19 April 2020 – 2020 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships, Victoria

The venue in Victoria is yet to be decided.

The following changes will be implemented for the 2019 Australian Canoe Marathon Championships:

  • Entries will close on 8th May 2019 (2 weeks before event)
  • Classes will be limited as follows:
  • ICF Selection (U16, U18, U23, Open, Masters) – Open to K1, K2, C1, C2 boats only – must Portage where required
  • ICF Non-Selection – all ages – Open to ICF Class boats only (including Ski’s) – no portage
  • Recreation – all ages – open to all other craft – no portage
  • Ages will initially be in 10 year grouping (35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65-74, 75-84, 85+)
  • If sufficient entries are received to constitute BOTH of the 5 year sub-sets within a 10 year group, races will be run in 5 year brackets and medals awarded accordingly.
  • All Singles events will be run on Day 1 (Saturday)
  • All Doubles events will be run on Day 2 (Sunday)
  • The race committee will try to establish a Pool Entry for Doubles paddlers without partners
  • WA has a recognised Guppy class, but to encourage further Junior participation the race committee would like to create a Junior event which is open to all junior ages, and all classes of boats.
  • An ‘Entry Change / Scratch’ form must be completed for any changes to entries after the team leaders meeting. This formed is to be signed by all paddlers and/or team leaders requesting the change.

ICF Canoe Marathon Rule Changes
The ICF Board has approved two rules changes for Canoe Marathon that will come into effect as of 1 January 2019.

ICF CAM Rule 9 International Technical Officials and 10 – Duties of Officials
The role of Deputy Chief Official has been introduced. The Deputy Chief Official replaces the Safety Officer on the Competition Committee. The role of the Safety Officer has not been removed. The role of the Deputy Chief Official is to assist the Chief Official and handle the administrative tasks of the competition.

ICF CAM Rule 28 – Finish
Competitors who have been lapped will end their race at the most suitable time and location and as soon as possible after the leader has passed the last portage. The normal location for ending a lapped paddlers race will be at the portage. They will be recorded in the position they are placed at that point in the race. This rule applies to World Championships and World Cups.

John Young
On behalf of the Marathon Committee