Paddle Victoria Marathon medal policy update

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The updated marathon medal policy is now available. It explains the policy for awarding medals at Victorian Canoe Marathon Championships and Victorian Schools Canoe Marathon Championships events.

Medal Policy
1. The intention is to form “constituted” classes where it is reasonable to do so.
2. A constituted class requires three or more paddlers of the same age group and boat type to register and two or more paddlers in that class to start per Paddle Australia rules.
3. Classes may be amalgamated to form constituted classes subject to Paddle Australia Marathon competition rules (Chapter 1.2 Amalgamations) or by agreement of the race committee and competitors.
4. For constituted classes gold, silver and bronze medals will be awarded for first, second and third place respectively.
5. For unconstituted classes antique gold and antique silver medals will be awarded for first and second place (there being no third place in an unconstituted class by definition).

For the full policy click here.