E2A thrills and spills on the Goulburn- 2019

    2019 E2A thrills and spills on the Goulburn River
    Nearly 50 paddlers hit the water on Sunday 28th April for the E2A classic river race.

    In the first start, 22 very keen crews sprinted towards the first whitewater obstacle, and then within 8 minutes faced the blue gums rapids.  The top crews got through ok with some minor collisions.  The safety guys were kept busy went the 2nd start hit the main rapids with quite a few having a refreshing swims.

    After a morning tea at Thornton, the crews sprinted off again negotiating the challenges of the Thornton to Alexandra section. All the crews got to the finish line with only a few paddlers having minor rudder damage.

    John Young and Dominic Scarfe (K2) built on their previous races to get fastest Time overall.

    Warren Elms (vet DR) won the outstanding performance award (based on handicap); Warren also was first veteran male and 3rd overall.

    Rebecca Mann fresh from winning the Vic marathon Champs, clearly won the open ladies. Imogen Douglass was 2nd,( 1st Jun female and also won the stage 1 DR section). Ashlee Ilott was 3rd female.

    Alex McIntrye won the open male with James Humphry 2nd,(1st junior male and also won the stage 1 DR section)  Warren 3rd.

    Charlie Wardrop was 2nd Jun male with Joshua Lee 3rd.

    The Young canoe paddlers, Ebony Merlo and Arnie Shanahan just won the canoe section from Barry Bell and Les goudie

    This was a big event for the organisers, with many people camping from the Friday for the Nat wildwater camp or just enjoying the river.  We would like to thank all those who made this event possible, the safety crew, the timing crew, transport, and of the course the sponsors.

    Canoes plus , Capacity sports, Kayak factory direct, Paddle dogs and Mystic mountains outdoors


    John Young Dominic Scarfe INCC Male K2 0:49:32 1:10:50 2:00:22
    Kristy Packham Matt Beale Bendigo Female K2 0:51:50 1:15:14 2:07:04
    Alex McIntyre NSW Male K1 0:51:16 1:19:03 2:10:19
    Damien Guthrie Cobram-Barooga Male K1 1:01:44 x
    Jayden Thrush MELB Male OSI 0:58:25 1:29:48 2:28:13
    Bec Mann Bendigo Female K1 0:53:37 1:15:03 2:08:40
    Maddie Batters Bendigo Female K1 0:58:50 x
    Dita Pahl Canoes Plus Female k1 1:05:03 x
    Imogen Douglass Bendigo Female K1 1:00:43 1:25:19 2:26:02
    Baelea Collins Bendigo Female DRR1 1:05:59 1:52:38 2:58:37
    Ashlee Ilott Bendigo Female DRR1 1:05:46 1:41:07 2.46.53
    Warren Elms Canoes Plus Male DRR1 0:56:36 1:22:42 2:19:18
    Eugene Stackpole PLCC Male DRR1 0:58:04 1:33:30 2:31:34
    Timothy Flowers Canoes Plus Male DRR1 1:01:14 1:33:32 2:34:46
    Peter McIntyre NSW Male K1 1:04:21 x
    Thomas Elms Canoes Plus Male K1 0:57:43 1:41:17 2:39:00
    Charlie Wardrop Bendigo Male K1 0:57:06 1:22:29 2:19:35
    James Humphry Bendigo Male DRR1 0:55:37 1:21:30 2:17:07
    Joshua Lee Far North Coast CC Male DRR1 0:57:16 1:25:27 2:22:43
    Caleb Flowers Canoes Plus Male DRR1 1:04:22 1:41:25 2:45:47
    START 2
    Ebony Merlo Bendigo Female DRR1 1:10:47 x
    Ingrid Douglass Bendigo Female rec 1:23:33 1:51:24 3:14:57
    Karen Merlo Jo Davis Bendigo Female TK2 1:18:15 1:59:12 3:17:27
    Jaimee Lee Ruby Elms Far North Coast CC Female tk2 1:27:19 x
    Lucas Edmonds Canoes Plus Male TK1 1:11:57 1:41:59 2:53:56
    Arnie Shanahan Ebony Merlo Geelong Male Jun x tc2 x 1:42:06 x
    Jolene Wraith Canoes Plus Male K1 1:18:21 x
    Mathew Pittock Canoes Plus Male K1 1:14:49 x
    Marian Blake Bendigo Female SS1 1:13:12 1:48:02 3:01:14
    Jamie Howarth-Carpenter Canoes Plus Male K1 1:20:36 x
    Edward Howarth Canoes Plus Male K1 1:15:16 x
    Josh Bowman Male SS1 1:05:46 x
    Les Goudie Shepparton Male OC1 x 1:44:21
    Michael Cox Bendigo Male SSI 1:13:22 1:50:04 3:03:26
    Kath Hoare cprt female kayak 1:33:51 x
    Bill Barton Bendigo 1:27:34 x
    Wes Hurray charlie Bendigo x 1:44:11


    Background info
    The E2A Classic River Race. Sunday  April 28th 2019

    Whether you`re chasing a personal best or looking for a fun and challenging river journey, the e2a classic river race on the goulburn river is for you !

    What is it?
    A 34km river race from Eildon to Alexandra. 2 stages on Sunday the 28th April 2019. Option to complete just one stage or both, 10am start from Eildon below the gates, paddle 14km to Thornton for a stage one finish . Short break at Thornton then midday start for stage 2.  A 20km stage from thornton to Alexandra  finishing at the boat ramp by the Maroondah Highway over the Goulburn River. It is a beautiful and scenic section of the goulburn river perfect for kayaks, skis and canoes.

    Highlights include:
    coaching and a recce trip on Sat and practice at blue gums.
    A lovely fast river with most people taking less than 1 hour for stage 1 and about 1.20 for S2
    Stage 1 Running the blue gums rapids or choosing the fast easy portage option
    Stage 2 flat and fast runs with constant bends[no rapids], Lovely scenery
    On water safety at S bend and Blue Gums rapid (stage1)
    We can also organise camping at the OEG on Friday  ($16.50)& Saturday($25.00).
    Be part of the 2019 e2a classic river race, now a established event of the Victorian paddling calendar. Come up for the weekend and spend a couple of lovely days on the river. The e2a is part of the southern cup series which includes the Tumut Race, Kerresdale Bash and the Goulburn Classic.