Marathon Winter Series Race 1 Course Correction

The previous course description published in previous posts and documents was incorrect. We have now provided a corrected description below. Though the written description was incorrect, the maps provided were correct.

Updated course description:
We have a shorter course this year, comprised of one or more long (7 km) laps and a final short lap of 1.4 km. Paddlers will head towards the city, turning after 2.5 km and heading upstream past Tay Creggan and turning again just upstream of the Bridge Road bridge. Divs 1-4 will do 3 of these long laps, Divs 5-6 will do 2 and Divs 7-9 will do 1, before finishing with a final short lap turning just downstream of Leonda. Div 10 (U12) will do two short laps, for a total distance of 2.8 km.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Click here for the updated flyer including course description and map.
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