“Making a world of difference”

“Making a world of difference”.

This National Volunteer Week we acknowledge and celebrate the generous contributions of Australia’s
6 million volunteers, and the incredible impact they make in our local communities, society and the world!

Thank you volunteers for contributing to the Australian community!

  • An estimated total of 932 million hours was volunteered during 2016.
  • The rates of volunteering are highest among males aged 45-54 years.
  • The rates of volunteering are highest among females aged 35-44
  • Overall, the rates of volunteering are highest in the 45-54 year age group.
  • Research demonstrates that volunteering yields a 450% return for every dollar invested.
  • Volunteers are inspired to be involved in volunteering as it allows them to give something back to the community.
  • Volunteers are motivated to volunteer by a personal belief in a cause or issue.
  • Volunteers are driven to volunteer to make a difference.
  • The State of Volunteering in Australia Report found that 93% of people saw positive changes as a result of their volunteering efforts.

This week is National Volunteer Week (NVW), the annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of our nation’s volunteers.

In particular here at Paddle Victoria we would love to celebrate the volunteers at your local paddling club.

Say thankyou to those who have contributed their time and effort to support all things paddling from the club races, club facilities and mentoring by nominating them for Paddle Victoria’s volunteer of the year