Bendigo Cup 2019

Another year, another Bendigo Cup done and dusted.

Please see the report below from the Bendigo Canoe Club Committee.




The Bendigo Canoe Club festival of paddling 19 and 27 Oct

2 reports


Marathon. Bob Moir – Secretary Kananook Creek Canoe Club Inc.


Sprint. Georgina Wakim

The Festival of paddling 19 and 27 Oct

The Festival of paddling had a real mix of different events, the 10 & 20 marathons, the community FUN paddles, at Bridgewater, the friendly sprints and coaching workshop held at Lake Weeroona.  On the Saturday the 19/October, well over 100 paddlers enjoying the pretty loddon river, The 20 km race was keenly contested for both the Rob Bearham trophy and the handicap trophy. The 10 km event included more k1s, k2s, sea kayaks and touring craft, the majority of the school paddlers were involved in the 10 km event.

For those who just wanted to enjoy the river the community Fun paddle covered a nice 6km circuit, an assortment of craft including touring craft, sea kayaks, sit-ons and canoes were involved.  Many thank to all those who supported the event, especially Camberwell, Trinity and Methodist Ladies College.


  • Rob Bearham memorial trophy for K1 – Tim Symonds.
  • Handicap trophy winner – Rod Clark.
  • Fastest time for the 10 km event was  James Humphry
  • Overall schools trophy – Trinity.

The Sunday Friendly Sprints at Lake Weeroona was a more informal affair and attracted about 60+ paddlers, and the morning attracting many spectators. Thanks to CPRT, FCC, INCC, the sprint committee, board members from Paddle Victoria for supporting the event.

Paddlers pick their division, the doubles were organised to be as even as possible and we let the paddlers organise the k4s. The day was very enjoyable but also great for development with paddlers trying out combinations.

The club provided the free morning tea and once again the day was supported with great spot prizes.

Highlights of the day were a number of paddlers trying out the racing c1, and racing kayaks

There was a wildwater 200 race included, as there were a number of aspiring wildwater paddlers there fresh from a National camp in which one of the key messages was to get involved in (flatwater events). Some of the flatwater paddlers also joined in the last race for a bit of fun.

Overall, Many thanks to people who supported the weekend and we look forward to seeing you at 2020 Bendigo Cup – Festival of Paddling.



Brief report on the Festival of paddling

Firstly a big thank you to all those involved in the festival, and because of you, it resulted in a very successful 2 days of events with great racing and fun.

  • Sat 19th 103 paddlers
  • Sunday 27th about 60 paddlers about double last year
  • We had 45 from 65 members involved in the 2 days, as well as the k4k juniors
  • We provided between $1200 to $1400 in spot prizes thanks Pam and trophies. Spent just under 700

Cup and community fun paddle

  • 103 paddlers, 79 racers, 24 communities 10 less than last year  many away at world marathons
  • 33 Bendigo paddlers
  • Thanks to coast guard, and Bridgewater primary school
  • 3 trophies provided
  • 3 major schools involved Trinity, Camberwell, MLC  with  Trinity winning the schools trophy
  • Rod Clark won the keenly contested handicap
  • Tim Symonds won the open K1 and the Rob Bearham Trophy
  • Clubs involved. Bendigo , EMCC, FCC, goldfields, Essendon , trinity school, MLC, Camberwell , Girton Grammar, INCC, PLCC

Friendly sprints

  • We had 60+ paddlers double last year from division 1 to 8.
  • The club put on a lovely free morning tea free which was appreciated.
  • We had many wildwater paddlers that are part of nat teams or on the edge of selection thanks Dita
  • We also had a group from k4k  bendigo 10 to 14 year olds all involved in racing boats
  • The regatta was finished by lunchtime, which allowed paddlers to do the c1 coaching clinic Steve V or
  • Many tried out current spec k1s and team boats  k2s, staying on until 2.30
  • The club put on a lovely free morning tea free which was appreciated.
  • The club appreciated the support and the Vic sprint committee and board members. ’Lawrie, Georgina & Rowan
  • Clubs involved. Bendigo , EMCC, FCC, Mercantile,  CPRT , Essendon , trinity school, Girton Grammar, INCC, PLCC




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Regards BCC Committee