Goulburn Classic 2019

The Tour De Goulburn Classic:  Sat 9th November 2019

Well the Tour de Goulburn certainly lived up to its challenging reputation, the river was low (1.09, with 1200 Meg) exposing much more whitewater and the weather was cold and chilly (15 d).

EVERYBODY who raced paddled or helped need to be commended and thanked.

The Goulburn Classic is Australia’s oldest canoe race. It was originally 100 miles non-stop with heroic stories of paddlers negotiating the fast flowing river at night. In the 90s the race morphed into the Tour De bloody Goulburn, a tour that used 3 stages to highlight the beauty of the Goulburn River.

46 hardy paddlers ( up from last year), in k2s, tk2s, skis, canoes, k1s, WW boats, and sea kayaks took on the challenge on the mighty Goulburn river for 3 races over the day was to find the overall Goulburn Classic winners.

The safety guys were kept busy with plenty of swimmers and reports of some doing 360s down the gravel races.

The chance of winning a ZRE paddle (Paddle & Portage Canoes) and spot prizes plus the awesome free morning tea kept the paddlers going.

Stage 1 was from Keresdale to Trawool Bridge (10km) followed by morning tea

Stage 2 was from Trawool Bridge to Goulburn Park Seymour (17km)

Stage 3 was a 6km from Goulburn Park to Lyons Park Seymour

The yellow jersey was awarded at the end of each stage.


The times were generally slower than last year (up to 1 hour) apart from John Young and Dominic Scarfe in a K2,( similar time  to2018) getting fastest time on each stage and also winning the yellow Jersey.

Congratulations. They have just returned from racing worlds in China.

Hamish Young was fastest single (by 7 sec), fast female was Kate Dyachuk and the fast canoe was James Miller/ Paul Brown.

The winner of the ZRE paddle was Emma Flowers.


Special thanks go to Paddle & Portage Canoes, Canoes Plus, Wes Hurray (E2A) and the all the Bendigo crew who put on the free morning tea and assisted in running the event.

A few years ago, our goal was to bring back some great river races to make up an informal south eastern series with other events  and the next event we will be running is the Mitta festival of Paddling in mid  December .





2019 Goulburn Classic craft Stage1 Stage2 Stage3 Final Places
Lucy Mackenzie U18lrec 1.15.48 2.27.02      
Glenn Mackenzie Vet50rec 1.05.06 2.o1.36      
Joanne Davis Vet60rec 1.10.57 2.01.36 36..56 4.14.41  
Julie Keilor V60rec 1.17.32   39.30    
Kate Dyachuk Wtk1 52.40 139.41 31.31 3.03.52 1st Female 
Matt Skinner V40 Sea 1.04.10 2.27.17 36.57 4.08.54  
Karen Merlo Vet50 Tk1 54.20 1.42.52 30.4.7 3.07.24  
Duncan Harris V40sea 55.49 1.49.58 33.37 3.18.14  
Sharyn Mcgowan Vrec 1.18.29        
Bridget Mcgowan Jrec 1.18.20        
Conner Mcgowan Jww 52.20 1.41.33      
Francis Mcgowan Vrec 1.18.46        
Ashlee Ilott Jww 53.45   27.52    
Chris Alger V50tk1 47.02 1.32.06 28.11 2.47.19 Ist Tk1
John Jenkins V50tk1 53.47 1.37.47 31.i9 3.02.53  
James Miller/ Paul Brown V40tc2 52.08 1.39.04 30.02 3.01.14 1st Canoe
Keith/Jessica Lane Mixtc2 59.97 1.50.37 32/01 3.21.45  
Brett Sutton/ Andrew Miles Otc2 53.30 1.43.08 32.18 3.08.56  
Tony Bond /Susan Williams C2mix V50 1.03.45 1.49.07 34.13 3.26.05  
Marian Blake V40rec 55.04 1.49.43 33.58 3.18.45  
Wes Hurrey Vet40ww 50.58   28.22    
Dita Pahl Lww 47.29        
Adele Waters V60Ltk1 57.55 1.50.22 34.38 3.22.55  
Cj Flowers Jww 49.53 1.32.37 36.05 2.58.35  
Tim Flowers V40ww 46.09        
Tom Ladson Jww 46.04 1.43.32 28.14 2.57.50 Ist Wildwater
Kristy/Cass Ltk2 46.19 1.30.43 26.56 2.43.58 1st Tk2
Neil White/Marie Taylor V50mixtk2 59.02 1.40.38      
Deborah Bennett /Sally Miller Lvet50tk2 1.00.58 1.37.51 29.56 3.08.45  
James Humphry Ww U18 42.53 1.27.39      
Charlie Wardrop K1u18 44.31 1.28.47 26.08 2.39.26 1st Junior
Dan Lansell-Kenny/Pat Maclean Ok2 42.14 1.24.40 24.59 2.31.53  
Matt Beale/Emma Flower Mixk2 39.58 1.17. 07 23.47 2.20.48  
John Young Dom Scarfe K2vet50 37.57 1.13.23 21.53 2.13.i3 Fastest, Handicap Winner
Matt Flower V40k1 38.00 1.18.03 22.46 2.18.49  
Hamish Young Ok1 39.31 1.16..14 22.57 2.18.42 Fist Single
Mike/ Pam Erny sea l   35.03    
Ebony Merlo Tc1   37.37    
David Reid sea   42.37