2019 Victorian Slalom Championships

November 30 & December 1, 2019


The Victorian Slalom Technical Committee invites all paddlers, officials and spectators to the 2019 Victorian Slalom Championships.


ONLINE ENTRIES CLOSE at 5pm, Wednesday 27th November 2019 

Register: Vic Champs

The available classes are K1M, K1W, C1M, C1W, C2M, C2W and C2Mx. Late registrations and additions on the day are difficult, so please nominate each class you wish to participate in and advise compiling on the day if you wish to withdraw from any class. This allows us to better organise the time allowed in the program, particularly for C2 boat sharing. If you have any queries, please call Chris Runting on 0429 130 739.

Entry Fee is $50.00 per competitor. A $20.00 late fee applies after the closing date of 5pm, 27th November. All payments to be made via Trybooking

Wednesday 27th November 9:00pm Entries Close









Saturday 30 November

Up to 9:30am Free practice

(Clubs must provide their own safety)

9:30am Course setting
10:30am Paddler briefing & bib collection
10:50pm Officials briefing
11:00pm Demonstration runs followed by practice runs for 14 & Under paddlers. Clubs must provide their own safety.
12:00pm Officials in place
12:15pm Session 1: Qualification and age group championship. Run 1 (C2M, C1M, K1W, K1M, C1W, C2W, C2Mx)
2:30pm Session 2: Qualification and age group championship. Run 2 (C2M, C1M, K1W, K1M, C1W, C2W, C2Mx)
4:30pm(approx.) End of competition – Set course for Finals
5:30pm Demo runs.  Submit teams entries to compiling






Sunday 3 December

9:00am Officials briefing.
9:15am Officials in Place
9:30am ‘B’ Final – 1 run only. (K1M, K1W, C1M, C1W, C2M, C2Mx)
11.30 ‘A’ Final – 1 run only. Overall Vic Championship & State team selection (K1M, K1W, C1M, C1W, C2M).
12:45 Lunch
1:15pm Bib collection and officials briefing for teams event.
1:30pm Traditional Teams – Open (Open Class and older) & Junior (U18 and younger). One run only (K1M, K1W, C1M, C1W, C2M). Maximum one event per person. Any additional team entry must be approved by the chief judge. Two teams must be entered to constitute a class.
3:30pm Course dismantling and presentation

The Program for the Victorian Slalom Championships is subject to change at the Competition Organiser’s discretion. All competitors and officials should consult the Official Programme posted in the Compiling area at the race venue each day of the Event. Any changes made will be announced at the Briefing. Last minute changes will be broadcast during the course of the day.

Results are based on the best of 2 runs.

A day pass is available from Bluegums Holiday park for access to the river. This is an additional charge payable directly to the park. Alternatively, you are able to park on Back Eildon Rd and walk your boat to the river.

Online entries close at 5pm, Wednesday 27th November Vic Champs(entry fee must be paid before paddlers are able to compete). Payment