Marine Safety Victoria Update Dec. 2019

Update from Marine Safety Victoria


Meet the Director: Cameron takes the helm
Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) has appointed Cameron Toy as Director, Maritime Safety.
Cameron had been Acting Director since January 2019.

Cameron brings to the role 10 years’ experience across maritime safety regulation – including senior management roles with responsibility for waterway safety, boater education, enforcement and ports and shipping regulation.

He also has more than 20 years’ experience in regulatory compliance and policy making in the areas of policing, fisheries and maritime security.

“Improving safety outcomes for all waterway users – from operators of commercial and recreational vessels, to paddlers and swimmers – is something that I am very passionate about. I want to ensure that everyone using Victorian waterways can return home safely,” said Cameron.


Maritime Safety Victoria aims to improve safety by:

  • monitoring risks associated with commercial ports and shipping
  • addressing risks associated with recreational boating
  • improving the safety awareness and capabilities of recreational boaters
  • improving the safety of the recreational boating fleet
  • improving waterway management.

“Finding the right balance of education, regulation and enforcement will be the key to providing the best safety outcomes for Victorian waterway users,” said Cameron.

“I look forward to working with the dedicated team at Maritime Safety Victoria to build upon an already outstanding record.”



Know the weather – Get Boating Vic

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) is encouraging boaters and paddlers to know the weather before and during a trip, with the launch of a new website and app.

The campaign ‘Know the weather – Get Boating Vic’ comes after research revealed that many boaters and paddlers only check the weather before heading out. Insights from MSV’s 2018/19 campaign evaluation showed that 50 per cent of boaters and 85 per cent of paddlers don’t check the weather again during their trip.

To support boaters and paddlers to better prepare and stay abreast of changing weather conditions, MSV has recently released Boating Vic, a website and mobile app.

Boating Vic provides targeted information relating to more than 400 boat ramps and launching locations across Victoria.

The app includes ramp and carpark vision (live at selected locations), along with localised information such as marine weather forecasts, warnings, notifications, facility information and safety advice from a range of agencies.
Visit or download Boating Vic from the App Store or Google Play


New personal watercraft rule

Maritime Safety Victoria (MSV) will shortly introduce a new waterway rule restricting ‘irregular’ riding of personal watercraft (PWC) in Port Phillip Bay 5-knot speed restricted zones.

The aim is to reduce safety risks for other waterway users.


As of 16 December 2019, operators of PWCs (commonly known as jet skis) will be required to:

  • navigate the PWC in the safest most direct course from the shore heading seaward, or from the sea towards the shore. (The shore can include the beach, boat ramp or berthing facility including a jetty, pier or mooring.) Changes of direction to avoid other waterway users are permitted.
  • avoid any irregular riding of the PWC or freestyling within the five knot speed restriction zones including donuts, circles, weaving. Changes of direction to avoid other waterway users is permitted.

Read more about the new PWC rule



Your lifejacket could save your life

Life Saving Victoria’s latest drowning report reveals that 73 per cent of people who drowned in boating incidents over the past decade were not wearing a lifejacket.

Find the right type of lifejacket, when you need to wear it, and how to look after it at