2020 Victorian Slalom Team

The Victorian Slalom Technical Committee is pleased to announce the following Victorian Slalom Team which will compete at the Senior Australian Championships at Penrith, NSW (Victorian Senior Team) and the Junior Australian Championships at the Mersey River Tasmania (Victorian Junior Team and Cadets).

Senior Team (Compete at Penrith)

K1M: Tristan Carter, Warwick Draper, Aiden O’Callaghan

K1W: Zoe Lau

C1M: Rob Janiszewski, Tristan Speed

C1W: Madi Wilson


Junior Team (Compete at the Mersey, Tasmania)

K1M: Mark Crosbee, Ben Little, Riley Galea

K1W: Georgie O’Callaghan, Sarah Crosbee, Ali Berryman

C1M: Ben Ross, Alex Taylor, Archie Nelson

C1W: Kate Moorhen


Cadet Team (Compete at the Mersey, Tasmania)

K1M: James Stamp, Lucas Del Brocco, James McLaughlan

K1W: Jasmin Muir

C1M: –

C1W: –


Selected paddlers should confirm their acceptance of a place on the team and that they are competing in the class for which they have been selected.  Please advise by email to vicslalomtechcommittee@gmail.com


The team has been selected based on the selection criteria to establish a points ranking.  Please note athletes can only be selected to race for state points in one class.


Victorian Team members will be issued with Team Stickers for their boats and they can purchase Victorian Team Rash Vests (subject to available stock) if they wish for $20.00.  Please contact  Chris Runting (vicslalomtechcommittee@gmail.com) to place orders for the Rash Vests.


For further information please contact Chris Runting 0429 130739 chris.runting@gmail.com