Bendigo Cup Marathon Results 2020

It’s great to see people back on the water, competing in the sport we all love. Well done to all those who competed in the Bendigo Cup.

Race day summary by Ton Misson:
Despite the cold and wintery day (Oct 18th) paddlers from Geelong, Echuca, Cobram and regional were enthusiastic to get back on the water. Due to Covid much work had been done to make this happen and hopefully help pave the way for “return to Play” for paddling.
The changes included moving the event back onto our lake, restricting numbers, online briefing plus much more.
And Instead of just going up & down a regatta course (may be boring) we used the big lakes including the 2 western islands to make it more interesting, with great spirited racing. It was great to see so many canoes, tk2s, tk1s, k1, sea kayaks. We hope everybody enjoyed it and we appreciate your support.
In the Cup event we had 30 paddlers in 22 different classes all vying for the handicap award (more paddlers than last year)
• James Humphry (BCC) won The Rob Bearham for Open K1.
• Fastest Canoe was Tony Bond (Echuca)
• Fastest Female Was Lyndell Wilcox ( Bendigo)
• Fastest Tk2 Was Stephen Parker& Ty Caling From Geelong
• Handicap Winner Was Rod Clark (Echuca) and Lyndell Willcocks Winning the Kayak.

We look forward to seeing you and metro paddlers at the BCC Friendly Sprints and Victorian Short Course Marathon on Saturday 28th November.
A Massive Thank You to All Those Who Attended and Made It Happen.

Photo by Karl Schulz