Basic Skills Courses


Sunday 6th Dec 9-1pm, Westerfolds Park, Templestowe – Open for bookings
Saturday 12th Dec 9-1pm, Westerfolds Park, Templestowe – Open for bookings
Saturday 16th January 9-1pm, Westerfolds Park, Templestowe – Open for bookings
Sunday 7th February 9-1pm, Westerfolds Park, Templestowe – Open for bookings
Sunday 21st February 9-1pm, Westerfolds Park, Templestowe – Open for bookings

Time:                From 9am to 1pm – 4 hours total

Location/s:       Westerfolds Park, Templestowe

Cost:            $125

Who:           This course is designed for anyone who seeks to understand the essential paddling skills and safety requirements for successful paddling on Victorian waterways.

What is included:

  • Paddle Australia Award Scheme accredited Paddle Victoria instructors
  • 4 hours of interactive instruction
  • All Paddling Gear and equipment supplied

What is a Basic Skills course?

The Basic Skills Course is an introduction to paddling where participants come away with an PAQs Basic Skills Certificate of accreditation. The course is delivered and assessed by a current Paddle Australia qualified Instructor and assessment will be carried out on flat, sheltered water. You have the option to complete the award in a canoe, kayak or Sit on top craft.

What will I learn?

The course will teach you 6 essential strokes for paddling to control your craft efficiently and will also include a safety briefing and explanation of equipment used. You will also learn:

  • The safety requirements for paddlers and their craft in Victorian Waterways
  • Understanding the use of life jackets and the legislation surrounding the wearing of life jackets
  • Launch the craft, embark and paddle away from the launching point
  • Disembark, then re-embark, paddle to deep water, capsize and assist with a deep water rescue or swim the craft ashore

Focusing on paddling skills, you will be taught:

  • Understanding of correct posture and basic injury prevention
  • Paddling forwards, backwards and emergency stops
  • Turning the craft
  • The use of the paddle as a means of support on the water
  • Coming alongside other craft, and also a clear approach to the launching point

How will I be assessed?

A formal assessment by a Paddle Australia Instructor is required to attain the award and is included in the course. The assessment can be conducted in single kayaks (which can be sit on top) or canoes, and is specific to the craft in which it was taken. The candidates’ performance throughout the assessment must be satisfactory and confident, demonstrating the skills outlined above. If using a double kayak or canoe the candidates should be tested in both the bow and stern positions.

Anything else?

Candidates will need to be able to swim 50 metres in paddling clothes (shirt, shorts and sandshoes as a minimum) whilst wearing a life jacket and swim under the craft to surface on the other side.

Due to the physical nature of this course, individuals are required to be 15 years of age or over to participate. If you are under 15 years and are keen to get paddling, contact the Paddle Victoria office on 9020 2750 for information on other ways to get involved.

To apply, or for later course dates follow the link: