Wildwater Come and Try Day – January 31, 2021

Flatwater and moving water sessions, for beginner and advanced paddlers. Come and try a wildwater kayak and develop a passion for flying down rapids as fast as you can.

Sunday 31st January, 10am – 12pm       Registration required – please register here


Bookings and waivers are required: – Waivers will be available on the day

Start 10am

Session 1: – Wildwater come and try for beginners/ people new to Wildwater boats

Some paddling experience is necessary. Whitewater experience preferred.

Start 11.15am

Session 2: Training for Intermediate Wildwater Paddlers.

Session to include water reading, lines through rapids, and water handling

Gear required:

Please bring your normal paddling gear, and clothes that you can get wet. Appropriate footwear is required. You will need water, sunscreen and appropriate clothing for the weather. A change of clothes is recommended as you will get wet.


Westerfolds Park, Canoe Ramp

For more information please email info@velocitywatersports.com.au


Please note that this is NOT a demo day for whitewater boats. If you would like to try whitewater, moving water or trial whitewater kayaks, please call Canoes Plus 18000 KAYAK