Richard Lawrence Profile

Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence
Interested Director
2005-2009, 2013- 2017

Richard was initially elected to the board at the first AGM operating under the new constitution adopted in 2006. Richard served two terms before taking a short break and was elected again in 2013.

During Richard’s time on the board he has assisted Canoeing Victoria staff to establish protocols relating to changes in the constitution and safety audits of their paddling equipment.

He has also co-ordinated input from a Board appointed subcommittee charged with developing a section for recreational paddlers on the Canoeing Victoria web site which was subsequently used for the development of a Paddle Victoria site.

Richard has also served on the South Gippsland Shire’s Recreational Advisory Committee. He played a role in assisting the Shire to prioritise grant applications from community groups on the basis of need and the benefit to the community, taking into consideration a number of wards. He has also served as Chairman of a farmer’s co-operative in Victoria.

Richard has been paddling for over 60 years across a broad range of canoeing disciplines from canoeing, paddle boardings, ski paddling, white water, flat water and sea touring. He has been actively involved in canoeing at club level for the past 13 years, acting as a club contact for hosting a number of Canoeing Victoria marathon events and as race director for club events.

Richard is keen to see the further development of opportunities for recreational paddlers in Victoria.