Aust Canoe Polo Championships Results

2008 Australian Canoe Polo Championships Results

 Day 1 – Friday 21 March

Melbourne had not turned on its best weather to welcome competitiors from around Australia and New Zealand to compete in the 2008 Australian Canoe Polo Championships.   Even the chilling wind did not stop in excess of 160 competitors and supporters turning up at the Essendon Canoe Club on the Maribyrnong River for the start of the competition.     Competitiors ages range from 11 to 65+ and competition categories include, Junior (U18), Masters (45+), Veterans (35+), Youth (U21), Women and Open.  With the first games being Open category the standards set were high.  The juniors is a very even competition with SA drew with Vic and then Vic drew with the Queensland team.

Day 2 – Saturday 22 March

After 2 days of fierce competition, teams in the Australian Canoe Polo Championships are nearing the medal rounds.   In the Open division ACT and South Australia 2 are vieing for the opportunity to win their grouping and join three teams in Group H to challenge for the medals.  One of the highlights was a game between SA 1 and NZ.   Great defence saw the competitors battling for an inside chance to score.  The NZ's again featured in a close game with Vic1 scoring a great goal from an inside pass in the last 30 seconds to snatch victory.  At the end of the days play competitors and supporters enjoyed a spit-roast by the banks of the Maribyrnong at the Championship Dinner.  

Day 3 – Sunday 23 March
With the conclusion of the round robin several teams categories fought hard to compete in the medal rounds.   Thorughout the competition several games were within a goal and the final series also proved exciting.   South Australia 2 defeated South Australia 1 in the semi-final to move directly into the Grand Final and then eventually winners in the Mens Open.   The Junior game was enthralling with an attempted goal from Queensland in the dying seconds failed to enter the net giving Victoria victory.

Final placings for the Championships:

1st    South Australia 2
2nd    Victoria 1
3rd    South Australia 1
4th    New Zealand
5th    New South Wales
6th    ACT
7th    Victoria 2
8th    Western Australia 2
9th    Western Australia 2

1st     Victoria
2nd    South Australia 2
3rd    South Australia 1
4th    Combined

1st    South Australia 1
2nd    Victoria
3rd    South Australia 2

1st    Victoria
2nd    Western Australia

1st    South Australia
2nd    Victoria
3rd    Queensland / Combined

1st    Victoria
2nd    Queensland
3rd    South Australia 

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