Bendigo friendly Sprints – Saturday 28th November 2020

All craft including canoes, outriggers, sit-ons, sups, skis, sea kayaks, whitewater and touring boats are welcome.

Venue: Lake Weeroona

Bendigo Canoe Club is committed to supporting the paddling community and will run the Bendigo friendly sprints subject to the latest government COVID19 advice and Return to play conditions. As a CV19 incentive Bendigo Canoe club have reduced the entry fees.

Following the friendly Sprints, Paddle Victoria Marathon will run a short course event (click here for entries and more information)

Friendly Sprints: This event is very informal and a great way for new paddlers from surf, whitewater, marathon to try out sprints. We can cater for all abilities and craft, including canoes, outriggers, Sit-ons, sups, skis, sea kayaks, whitewater and touring boats are welcome with division racing;

We can loan out singles (k1, tk1s) and help organise doubles too.

If you need accommodation, just let us know as we have a large clubhouse

  • Lifejackets must be worn, and Everybody must adhere to clubhouse and event COVID & hygiene protocols
  • Catering and other refreshments (e.g. coffeeman other commercial businesses will be available within lake surrounds).
  • There will be no presentations on the day, these will be sent out.

Division-style racing (you pick your division).

Distances:  400 200s 

Entry Fees: $20 adults, $15 junior.  No entry’s on the day (entries may be limited)

Briefing: 9.00am

Start time: 9.30am

  • spot prizes
  • Toilets are  available on site

Entry Process and fees:

  1. Entry’s close on Thursday 26th November at 8pm
  2. Please confirm via email to with the following:
  • Your name/ selected division  /  mobile no  /  type of boat  /  your age / postal address
  • If paddling double and your partner’s name and age.

If you don’t have a partner and need one, just let us know

  1. Please pay via EFT into account below – if this is a problem speak to Tony on 0411605239.
  2. Entry Fees:  Open $20 per person  /  Juniors $15
  1. Bank Details:

BSB:  633 108 (Bendigo Bank)
Account Number: 100236272
Account Name: Bendigo Canoe Club Inc.
Please include your name as a reference,

Rough guide to division times

  • Division 1: About 40seconds or less open mens k1
  • Division 2: 40-45sec Jun boy’s ki vet40k1, wk1
  • Division 3:45-50sec, vet50mk1, best Jun boys dr, c1`
  • Division 4:50-55sec, Jun gk1, vetlk1,vtk1, beginner boy’s k1, skis, jun boysdr mens tc1
  • Division 5:55-60sec, young dr Jun girl’s dr, girls’ skis , girls tc1
  • Division 6: 60-66sec, u14 girls’ k1, boy’s tk1 sups, Fglass Sea kayaks
  • Division 7: 67-73sec /vet plastic re seakayaks &Jun open beginners, sups , tci
  • Division 8 70sec + / sups, u12

Canoe Kneeling  Clinic

Steve Vegh has offered to run a clinic for kneeling flatwater canoe technique and equipment around the sprint day  .

Steve has a long connection with kneeling canoe paddling, in his native country, Hungary. Steve was a member of the national squad; Steve bought his skills to Australia and won numerous Australian Championships. Steve has also represented Australia as a master and has won World Championships for his age group. Steve has long term expertise in paddles, boats and the personalized fit out of boats.He has coached for many years at Patterson River CC and has played a significant role in many paddlers journey to international success.  Please contact Steve to register your interest and let him know your background and interest.   0414 575 311

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