River Rambles





River Rambles are social paddles designed for female social paddlers.  They consist of both general public and inter-club social paddling activities for women of all ages, skill level and boat types.  The objective is to provide opportunities to get out on the water in a friendly, social and safe manner and in the company of women lead by qualified female Ramble Leaders.

We have moved the River Rambles site to our recreational kayaking website: https://paddlehub.paddle.org.au/

See you there!


CANCELLED 28th April 2019 Lilydale Lake, Lilydale. Morning session 10am-12pm.


Email Megan for more information or call Paddle Victoria on (03) 9020 2750 to find out more



Club Network

Clubs on rotation hold a River Ramble (womens only) padding session which female members from that club and other participating clubs can join in. The rotation part being that one club would hold one ramble, and a different club would hold the next river ramble and so on. Giving female paddlers a new experience being able to paddle in new areas, with different people however still in the comfort of being women-only.

As well as providing female paddlers who are ‘non members’ who have started from the ‘non – member’ side of River Rambles and opportunity to paddle in new areas and meet new people.

List of current participating clubs

  • Essendon Canoe Club
  • Kirinari Canoe Club
  • Ivanhoe Northcote Canoe Club

If you see that your club is not on there go hassle them to join up!

Non club paddlers are women who have not joined a Paddle Victoria associated paddling club. A list of which can be seen under the List of Clubs tab.

These women can join in on the Non Club River Ramble events. To join an interclub event you would need to contact the Host club to ask to join in.