River Rambles





River Rambles are social paddles designed for female social paddlers.  They consist of both club and inter-club social paddling activities for women of all ages, skill level and boat types.  The objective is to provide opportunities to get out on the water in a friendly, social and safe manner and in the company of women lead by qualified female Ramble Leaders.

The first River Rambles session will be held on in February 2019 at at Lillydale Lake. Check out the Register for River Rambles tab for more information.

Email Megan for more information or call Paddle Victoria on (03) 9020 2750 to find out more

Register your interest by clicking on the paddle(s) below:

Lillydale Lake – February 2019 – Paddle and Morning Tea – Online Registration and more information to come soon!



Past Rambles:


Hazelwood Pondage – Warm water Ramble – Latrobe Yacht Club, Yinnar, Saturday 13th June – 10am.  On-line registration / Flyer

Murray River Soup and Roll Ramble – Apex Park, Mildura –
Sunday 3rd May –  On-line Registration.  Murray River Ramble May 15 – flyer

Yarra River Moving Water /  Jumping Creek to Warrandyte 15th Feb 2015 – More information / Flyer

Powlett River – 17th Jan 2015 – More information / Flyer

Footscray Mid Week Paddles – 14th Jan 2015, 4th Feb, 4th Mar

All paddlers must be current members of an affiliated Paddle Victoria club.

Any female paddler whose club is hosting a river ramble and meets the Ramble Leader requirements, (ie skill level, ratio’s etc), is eligible to participate.

For paddlers whose club is not participating as yet, they may participate (at the host Ramble leaders discretion) as a guest for 3 paddles only.  They may only participate again if their club commits to hosting a ramble.  (ie if Bayswater Canoe Club is not participating in the network, their female paddlers can participate in only 3 paddles each and may not participate again unless Bayswater joins the network and hosts a Ramble).

If a Ramble was near capacity in regards to ratio’s,  it would be acceptable that Guest paddlers are not accepted to ensure networked paddlers have access to the paddle.   To assist the Ramble Leader in their Risk Assessment, each paddler must have completed their club’s basic skills or beginner skills course or self assess that they are capable of participating in the paddle with no assistance or coaching from other participants.

Paddle Victoria are currently (Dec 2018) looking for Ramble Leaders!

To apply please fill out your details in the application below

Current list of Rambler Clubs are:

To be updated in December 2018.

  • Essendon Canoe Club
  • Fairfield Canoe Club
  • Footscray Canoe Club
  • Kirinari Canoe Club
  • Melbourne Canoe Club
  • Tarwin River Canoe Club