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I would like to nominate as a Canoeing Victoria River Ramble Leader.

I have completed the River Ramble Induction training and I currently hold the qualification of

My AC number is and I belong to club

I understand that as a River Ramble Leader I am leading paddles designed for women only, will create a social and inclusive environment for the Women and not a training session for competition.

All the paddles that I undertake as a Rambler leader, will have:

1) An appropriate Risk Management plan and assessment completed

2) Will work within the Ratio’s that I am qualified to manage and the conditions in which the paddle is being undertaken.

3) Will be delivered in a friendly and inclusive manner

4) Will be promoted widely to the female membership within my club and the wider Canoeing Victoria membership

5) Have the endorsement of the Club that I am a member of or of the club I am lending my expertise to.

I agree to the terms set out above regarding the conduct and purpose of a Canoeing Victoria Ramble Leader

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