Kayaking engagement over summer reaches all time high

This summer we have had record numbers of people take to the water to enjoy the sport of Kayaking.
In just the past week 300 school aged children have been involved with come and try kayaking days under the guidance of Olympic slalom paddler Warwick Draper.
The increased number of participants is largely due to the hard work of instructors running PaddlePower and PaddleHub programs which are both initiatives to encourage kids and families to be involved in the sport of Kayaking. These programs have been ran in various locations around Australia from country towns such as Shepparton, Yarrawonga and Mildura to inner city in Melbourne including Warryndyte and Lillydale lake.
This Sunday there is a girls on the water day which will increase participation in Kayaking even more with over 100 girls and women already signing up to try kayaking on the day.
Canoeing Victoria would like to thank all instructors for running the programs and giving people the opportunity to try Kayaking and all the kids and families who came down and gave a new sport a try.
We hope to see you continue with Kayaking in the future whether that be being a recreational paddler or maybe even doing a couple of races and competing at an elite level.


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