WS5 at Lillydale Lake has been cancelled but Lockdown 6 Virtual Race is on. So get off the couch and onto the water for some exercise.
Lockdown 6 is a self-timed event. The rules are:
  1. 1. Comply with government restrictions, so for Melbourne that means paddling as exercise within 5 km of your home, with no more than one other person or members of your immediate family, for no more than two hours duration.
  2. Time yourself using a GPS and enter your time and distance via Webscorer by 8 pm, Sunday 15 August.
  3. Paddle on either Saturday or Sunday, 14/15 August.
  4. Minimum distance you can paddle is 8 km, the longest is up to you.
  5. It needs to be an out-and-back course, of one or more laps, to even out the effect of current and/or tides.
  6. Anyone can enter. Entry is free.
  7. There are five prizes for PV members. Three for the three fastest handicap adjusted times (using the PV Marathon handicap system which adjusts for age, gender, boat type and distance paddled) and two random prizes.
  8. Washriding (with one other person or family members) is allowed.
  9. If the 5 km limit restricts you getting on the water, you can paddle on an ergo, or go for a run or bike ride and still be part of this event.
  10. Post a selfie on the Facebook event page to record your participation.
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